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Sunday, August 16, 2009


The fabric you chose is so gorgeous. One day I hope to develop enough skill to make this kind of intricate quilt! By the way, I love Top Chef Masters too :)

Hi there! I have just scouted your blog and discovered your wonderful incarnations of our Flip Dolls. It is so groovy to see them in your world and hear your thoughts on making them- i am taking on board everything you have said about putting them together. It gives me so much of a thrill to see them x

you are off to a great start. i stumbled onto you by looking on flickr. i own every piece of anna and sometimes i am too overwhelmed by the beauty of the fabric to make a decision as to what quilt to make (i don't think it will disappear from the earth but that is how i covet my fabric stash) i think you made a great choice. it looks wonderful. it looks like you decided to go with both palettes, is that correct? i love to see what choices others make. i will keep watching to see how it turns out. i am sure it will be gorgeous. have fun!


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