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Monday, October 24, 2005


I'm taking First Choices too! Sounds like it will be pretty great.

I used to get terrible headaches when I was pregnant too. Mine were from dehydration. Drink loads and loads of water. It might help.

I took "The Perfect Sleeve" with Jean Frost at Stitches East. She was great. And Sally Mellville is great. (I took Learn to Love Intarsia with her.) You'll love the classes.

Glad to hear the monster headaches are subsiding!

~ Chrsitina

Congratulations! We had a baby by our first anniversary, too! It was great. Be careful, though, I had two babies by my second anniversary! Jane

I'm not a west-coaster, but I'll be there too! I'm taking Norweigan Mittens and Intro to Aran Sweaters. Maybe I'll see you there!

Oh, congrats about the baby!

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