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Monday, April 18, 2005


PAPAYA is one of my absolute fave fruits! I used to have some almost every day when I lived in Hong Kong. Your papaya smoothie looks delicious! Mmmmm!

Congratulations on goals well met. A yummy smoothie and an iPod sounds like a great way to celebrate!

Congrats on progress all around. I definitely think a 'shuffle' sounds like a good reward!

hi there! thanks for visiting my blog. and hello! what gorgeous orange invitations. how cool are they?!?! i love them.

red bean popsicles sound incredible. where do you get those? i'm in PA, so i'm sure they don't have 'em here. but man, they sound awesome!

Hooray, what a beautiful sight. Congrats on getting round 01 of your invites done.

~ Christina

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