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Thursday, March 03, 2005


I am jealous, I haven't received my Habu kit yet. Hopefully, they provided enough yarn this time.

Have fun trying on dresses and hopefully you find the one.

If you find the non-cornball dj, post who he is so I can get him too... I so don't want ham served at my wedding by a guy in a bad tux and a radio voice "hey everybody"... ugh.

Good luck!

I do not know what is with DJs. We haven't even begun to talk to DJs. We're still trying to figure out how to get beverages to people without a bar of any kind.

Oh, the joy of wedding planning.

On man...inflatable party toys...really? There has GOT to be a better option out there. Best of luck finding it. Our DJ was a friend who had DJed in college and now works in finance. He was great...but he's not DJing anymore. Sorry!

Oh, and great Offhand Designs bag...I'm so jealous!

~ Christina

Cheesey DJ's are exactly what precipitated the String Quartet at my wedding. Went over great and we all went dancing later.

Love love love love love the bag.

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