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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


That is a pretty capelet! Yeah, wedding stuff is so expensive. I visited the store connected to Invitesite back when they had a physical store, and they are really nice people and had a nice selection of paper. Not sure if that counts for anything, but I would strongly guess that they do a good job.

The capelet looks great! Good job. For a closure you might try trolling vintage shops for sweater guards. You can find really pretty ones on ebay too. Basically they're like a brooch that you clip onto each side with a chain between them. Very old school, super cool.

ooh I've been thinking about making that capelet. yours looks lovely! Thanks for pointing out the errata

The capelet is gorgeous! Bummer about the letterpress, but you know, Crane's has really great stuff these days. Also, I just met a guy whose wife does custom wedding invitations! He is in the same international trade class that I'm in. Their site is www.invitationsbyalecia.com

Oh, your capelet is so pretty! Just the thing for your dress—plus you'll be able to wear it again.

Weddings are *so* expensive... I remember!

I have a friend who does wedding invites too: brandivoy -at- yahoo -dot- com. I think she was going to buy a letterpress too...so you should contact her if that's the route you were wanting to go. Best of luck!

~ Christina

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