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Friday, March 18, 2005


hm. while i like the look of the kate spade lenox, i'm ultimately drawn to the wedgewood. i think it's because i like the shape of the tea cup more.

Hmmmm, I like the Kate Spade pattern. Second to that, the Oberon by Wedgewood one. It depends on your decor style I think - is it more green and simple or soft and decorated? And I agree with your guy, the bottom one feels like a hotel where suited business guys eat lunch.

All very classic designs, so I think they would stand the test of time! I like the shape of the Wedgwood teacup as well. When you were a kid, which did you like more, green or flowers? Maybe that will help you decide (and you can always get a couple of dessert plates of the design you don't choose!). And yeah, you don't want Republican dishes (it's bad enough having them in office).

According to my mom, no matter what pattern you pick, in 20 years you will be sick of it and want all new china anyway. So I say choose what you love now!

I like the Kate Spade, and the Westerly. It is a bit Republican, but it's classic and no matter what your decore changes to over the years it will always go.

I always afraid that I'll hate certain colors later on down the road that I now love. I'm sure that people who once loved "Avacado Green" and "Harvest Gold" are now kicking themselves. All are beautiful though!

I like Oberon. Think of all the great matching glassware & table linen you can have with that. The others are a bit too restrained. I like dishes that are either quite plain (like solid white or cream) or boldly designed. I vote with the guy - no republican dishes!

Love the Oberon!

I'm immediately drawn to the Wedgewood, because I prefer rounded cups to flat bottoms. Floral patterns appeal to me, too. If you want classic, though, I'd go for the Pompano Beach. It's a design that will wear well over time. I like Mariko's idea of getting additional pieces of an alternate design. But then...20 years from now you might be reminded of the pattern you didn't choose. Another dilemma. :-)

I like the second pattern & agree with your guy about the last pattern. :)

I love the Wedgewood - but my best advice is to follow your heart and choose the one you really love the most. And in 20 years, I'm sure you'll still love the pattern as much as you love your man!

Kate Spade! classic already and very simple and beautiful. I really think it will age well. In 20 years you may hate it but in 30 years it will be super-cool-retro. Plus, its formal china. You are unlikely to use it every day (and get sick of it). If you used it every day most of it would be broken in 20 years. Kate Spade!

Is it just me, or does the Wedgewood pattern look suspiciously similar to the crewelwork on your new Zelda Grand? Hmm...

Been reading your blog for a while, but just lurking. Congratulations on getting married! On the plate front, I really like the Kate spade. I think it is classic in a funky way. I am getting married soon as well and am looking for others to share the joy. Good luck with the selection!

"Too Republican". That's hilarious! I like the Pompano best but they're all beautiful. Isn't picking your registry fun?

~ Christina

I love the Wedgewood. Stay away from classic republican stuff and go for something a little different, you won't be sorry. You only live once and you should do your best to live a little on the edge where you can. ;)

Either Kate Spade or Westerly for me. Now since I am not American - I have no Republican affiliations as all. I think both of those two choices are timeless and you will get years of use from them. However, by reading through the comments posted before me - the best advice I can give is for you to choose with your heart...and not to listen to any of us!!

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