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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Is that a lemonhead lunch box? cooooooooool!

Ooo you had to mention taxes.. I think I am in denial. It looks like you had fun surprises waiting for you on your return from Chicago though!

Ohmigod! A lemonhead lunchbox. So sweet but yet so sour. Super cool!

Welcome back to sunny California! It looks like you got some great packages from your SP. Cute "Warm Fuzzy" (but then again maybe I'm biased...).

~ Christina

I'm so glad that everything arrived OK - the postal lady gave me a funny look when I mailed the "warm fuzzy" and don't you know that I forgot I put the sheep hanging ornament inside the pouch until after it was mailed - I was so worried it would break!! Enjoy :) I'm in the process of gathering up another package for you!

ooh - such fun Stuff! My secret pal's cool too! Don-cha just love seeing all of the Secret Pals striking all across blogville?

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