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Thursday, March 10, 2005


Its awesome in NZ!! You won't regret it. Last year I was lucky enough to go there twice for work! The country side is beautiful and the people are so great! There is an Air NZ flight from LAX that stops in Roratonga (sp?) and that may be your easiest way to get to Tahiti.

And the added bonus: they have lots of great wool!

The South Island is more scenic and more beautiful and has better skiing. Although Wellington is a gorgeous city too. Reminds me of San Fran in a way. (mostly because of the houses).

FABulous idea! I've never been to New Zealand but I have heard it's gorgeous and I don't see how you could go wrong. If it were me, I'd probably run out and buy a guidebook right away to start planning. Very cool.

We went to NZ for 2 weeks about a year ago and want to move there! We went to both islands because they are so different. We went in Spring (November) and went kayaking, river rafting, & spelunking. Didn't hike on the glacier or bungee jumping..but wanted to. I think there's skiing/snowboarding in Queenstown where we went rafting. It's a gorgeous town. Actually, most places in NZ are breathtaking...you can't go wrong!

ask www.knittingbythebay.prettyposies.com

I think she's in NZ

Why yes! I am in NZ and absolutely you must come here for your honeymoon! Evelyn is quite right - the North and South Islands are very different. Snowboarding is available in both islands – there are two ski fields in the central NI http://www.whakapapa.co.nz and about 6 in the SI have a look at http://www.cardrona.co.nz/
Queenstown is fabulous, not to be missed - though on the pricey side. (and books out early - though you can just as happily stay in nearby Arrowtown or Wanaka). Personally I live in and love Auckland www.auckland.co.nz , it's our largest city and is very much based around the harbour. Lots of sailing and other water based activity (there's also some indoor skiing!!). The thermal area in the central NI www.rotorua.co.nz is really worth taking the time to see as it's quite unique to this country. It never really gets that cold in the North Island - even in June/July it will be 15-20C. Colder in the SI but more reliable (less likely to get rain,..) Because of this there is great homespun and other wool yarn to be found in the South – be ideal for your aran work.
Let me know if you want more info!

Hi Dee Dee,

Rebecca/knuknitter & Adam were in NZ last February and loved it. They have much recommendation for adventurous things to do - camping, hiking on a glacier, kayaking - so when they get back from their honeymoon in Belize next week, you might drop her a line for some info

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