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Thursday, June 03, 2004


That looks awesome...I really like the idea of your "ponchoification" rather than having it as a shawl (as I'm less likely to wear shawls!)...

WOW!!!! Was it very difficult to convert from shawl to poncho? I'd love to do the same thing!

It looks great! I'm ALL about the poncho instead of the shawl. I just can't bring myself to put a shawl on. It's just not me. But poncho? wooooo yeah!

I'm in love! Beautiful!

Jumping on the bandwagon. I love your poncho, something I would actually wear as opposed to a shawl!

Wow! That is a work of beauty. And as many others have said, poncho seems more practical for many than a shawl.

I love it too! I am doing a shawl now, but think I will get zero use out of it. I've already got the Koigu for the poncho, but I'm having a hard time converting the CW pattern from shawl to poncho.

Just wonderful!

Gorgeous! You did a terrific job converting that shawl to a beautiful poncho.

That came out beautiful! Great job. It looks great on you too.

Wow, it's gorgeous! What a great idea to make a poncho out of the shawl pattern. Very clever and very pretty.

Great job on the poncho. I love the colorway.

Fabulous. You are my poncho (and Koigu mixin') muse!

Wow, I'm loving your poncho! I just came across your entry (6 or 7 clicks back from who knows where) and just had to say that your CW poncho looks great. Makes me want to put fringe on mine after all :)

I love your shawl and am going to give it a try. I have the "Fiber Trends" "Charlotte's Easy Lace Shawl" pattern. I have a few questions if you don't mind. What size needles did you use? How did you use the yarn - just knit till you ran out of that color and then changed to the next color? You stated that you plan to clean up your pattern adaptation notes and then share them. Is this available as it would be most helpful. I would appreciate any help. JoAnn Mjoann763@aol.com

I sure hope you realize what a gorgeous work of art your poncho is!

Way beyond my level, but I'd love to see the details of how you 'ponchoed the Charlotte'.


This is beautiful. I'm working on the shawl as a gift for my mother, but I'd love to do the poncho for myself. I hope that you are able to post the details of how you adapted the pattern.

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