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Thursday, June 03, 2004


Your poncho is FAB! I think I like it better than mine. Care to share your finished measurements? I think I need mine a tad longer/wider.

Amazing work.

Both the original and ponchofied Charlottes are great. I started Dune last year and completed the back and one front to the point of neckline decreases. The numbers at that point were not working for me. Keep updating about your Dune experience -- I am anxious to start up again. Mine is a size small.

Wow! Your poncho is gorgeous! It takes Charlotte to a whole new level.

Love the poncho! Hope you get permission to release your details! I would love to give it a try myself.

Awesome! I recently finished my first Charlotte (you can see pics on my blog) and would LOVE to try the ponchofication. Can you share more details of how many stitches you cast on, how/where you increased, yadda yadda yadda...? I can follow directions, but I can't make them up myself.

i would love to make one and i know my friends will all want one. it is a beautiful job....keep knitting.

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