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Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Very cute! It looks great on you.

Wow! That turned out fantastic! Stellar job, chickie :-)

Great job! It looks good! I've ordered some All Seasons Cotton in 'Tapestry' for this project and hope to tackle it before the summer is over!

Your sweater is so pretty! And it is very flattering on you too! Nice job!

Nice! I do like that patterning - especially on the back! I have some ASC living in my stash calling to me...just can't decide what it should be! :-)

Your Rebecca cardi looks fantastic! Definitely worth the extra translation efforts . . . Man, now I'm gonna want that one too. :)

That sweater is gorgeous and looks great on you. I have been admiring this pattern for a while and finally ordered the magazine today. I have to significantly upsize it for my 48" girth and would appreciate if you could answer a question for me. What kind of ease did you use for this sweater? Like if the sweater measures 38", is your bust measurement 38"? Thanks so much if you get a chance to answer me.

I just came across you blog. It's a little late...I just have to say that I love your cardi!! Fabulous work. I need to make her!

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