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Friday, April 21, 2006


A cleaning person? Now that's an awesome mom.

Hana looks so relaxed after her bath. She's a beautiful baby!

Wow, now that's a mom who remembers what it was like to be a first-time mom. Wow.

The baby is adorable!

I have to agree - what an amazing mom you've got - cleaning lady, first bath, cool! I can see she really knows what can help you out - that's love! (Belated congrats too.)

So cute! Bath time is a lot of fun isn't it? I think we have the same tub.

My in-laws stayed too long & didn't help very much, so I'm really glad to hear you've had a good experience with your own parents. I think mine will be good when they come too, but I doubt any of them are generous enough to give me a cleaning person! You are lucky!!

Your mom really has the knack. Hana looks so content and happy! The cleaning woman idea is genius. I wouldn't mind one of them for myself. (and that's with no kid!)

Hana is so beautiful it's almost hard to look at her! What an angelbaby. and via you and your mom, it's easy to see where she gets it from! and your DH, too. Congratulations, chica!

Oh yeah. Full on mom treatment. Who doesn't love it? Way to go, MOM!

What a beautiful baby! And great mom!!

What a beautiful gorgeous girl! Your mum sounds great too. I wish I had a cleaning lady, even though it was 4 years ago that I had my little girl. Just kidding. It would be nice though. I too slept when my baby slept and it helps you feel better and able to cope as well.

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