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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Wow. I had no idea there was so much to consider with diapers. Thanks for the insight into what motherhood is all about. I can't wait! (Really, I can't wait). Looking forward to hearing the results once the bean has tried them out. :)

~ Christina

Wow, you've done great work. I totally understand the obsession factor, but my hormones have never let me be patient enough to get through all the research and options. We just went with the Super Size Birth to Potty Package from Diaperaps. It seems to include most everything, even a swim diaper!


I hope once your Bean is around you'll have some time to give us reviews of all the stuff you try, but if you don't I'll understand that too. I don't even know if I'll have time to read blogs with a baby around, myself.

Happy diapering!

You sound totally together. WONDERFUL!

I am sending you an email with TOO MUCH INFORMATION on it about cloth diapers...it may not help you at all but it will make me FEEL like I am helping.

I think everyone goes through this. For your backup plan, I would get some seventh generation, tushies or tender care diapers instead of the Pampers. They are all disposable but without all of the scents and chemicals in Pampers.

Next question what are you going to do for wipes ;P

I used those diaper wraps for my first child. I loved them- never had a problem. I did end up using disposables for nighttime when she was sleeping through the night. God forbid a wet diaper should awaken the sleeping baby!

And I can vividly remember asking the nurse in the hospital to show my husband and me HOW to put the diaper on. We were clueless! In a matter of days I could do it with my eyes shut.

Fun times for you!

Oh, and we used those chinese prefold diapers as well- we had a diaper service deliver them once a week.

Bummis? Fuzzy Bunz? Happy Heinys???? Will these people stop at *nothing*?

Who knew that going into the diapering business gave one a license to use terrible puns and body part jokes? Where is the dignity? Oh, wait.. I just figured it out. :-)

Ho. Lee. Cow. I had No. Idea. It's good to have choices, but that's a little over the top. Good luck to ya!

I did all this research too and just wimped out. I ultimately decided on Seventh Generation (paper) diapers, and those didn't fit so we are on Huggies. I've recently researched the cloth diaper situation again and instead of buying the Fuzzi Bunz, decided to get TinyTots diaper service because we want to start potty training early and cloth is the way to go on that.

As for the wool soakers, I've found them to be totally unnecessary because the kid wears a onesie over his diaper so the wool soaker is just one more thing to wash...

Good luck and happy stashing!!

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