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Thursday, January 12, 2006


While I can't seem to avoid the shower myself, I've convinced the ladies throwing it to find a tasteful way to ask for nontraditional gifts--like vintage/family heirloom things, or children's books, or a gift certificate to the online cloth diaper place I want to buy from (diaperaps.com). It's so crazy and even kind of disgusting how much marketing there is to new parents--I swear they capitalize on a bunch of made-up fears.

But your little duck stuff is very cute, and it's nice to have a few things around just to make it all seem more real. I like my little basket of stuffed animals and onesies that I've got going.

I got to hold my brother's new baby yesterday (he was 24 hours old) and it was wonderful. We are in for good things!

Have fun!

Awwww! I love baby stuff. It's always so cute. And I agree with your Mom about the towels and wash cloths just because the duckys are so cute!
And yep an open house sounds way more fun than shower games yep.

The baby stuff is adorable. I hate to break it to you though .. you will need more clothes ;) Not outfits but sleepers/onsies etc. because there will be the days that you will be changing them quite a few times for one reason or another.

Your own baby shower is the best ... it's the only time you DON'T have to play the games ;)

What a cute pile of stuff!
Actually, the baby towels and washcloths are not just a good idea for the cuteness factor; baby washcloths and towels are usually made of a much softer fabric than the ones made for adults and your baby will notice and appreciate the difference. I was using regular towels with my first child and she cried every time I dried her off. Finally a friend suggested I try the baby towels and she stopped crying when I dried her.
Plus, the wascloths can be used for other purposes - I keep a stack in the kitchen for wiping hands and faces off after meals.
And I agree with Tiffany's comment - you are goingn to need more clothes than you think. There will be days when you go through three or four outfits in one day!

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