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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Wow - that's some kind of crazy personal device! I think the "shazam" lighting bolt is my personal favorite - for a porn star!

Umm, "as seen on TV?" I must not be watching the right kind of shows!

I personally prefer the hot chile pepper design. I suppose you could use any cookie cutter for a template. Maybe get seasonal with a gingerbread man or wreath design?

What a steal at only $29.95! All I can say is FREAKY. Though the knitter in me wonders if there are any knitterly designs worth doing. JUST KIDDING.

Too bad she doesn't include the alphabet. I can think of a few choice words for "down there".

~ Christina
P.S. Really, your boobage area has grown that much? Yahoo...something to look forward to related to pregnancy!

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