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Saturday, April 30, 2005


I am sooo happy another store opened close to me. I live in Marina. Do you have the number by chance to The Swift Stitch?

Knitting content, yay! That sweater is looking really good. What pattern is that? I've been coveting that exact colorway of the Artyarns Supermerino. You lucky girl. They had some at Commuknity which I got to feel up.

Its a bit crazy with all these new yarn shops isn't it? I didn't find anything new at Swift Stitch--same old same old. And its a bit of a micro-store. They have so little yarn that its hardly worth it. But I'll check them out again in a few and perhaps they'll be stocking more. I thought Rug and Yarn Hut was too chaotic. They might have had enough yarn but even they don't know. I can't stand that kind of atmosphere! Let me know how the LosGatos store was. Very curious!

Crazy how many yarn stores are popping up in your neck of the state! Fun. Must Have Cardi fronts look great. Now, did you start on fronts? Or do you already have a completed back, too? Love the colorway, still.

Funny. I talked to your guy on Friday and he said you two were on your way to a new Yarn Store and I assumed he was talking about CommunKNITy. I was excited because I was on my way over there and thought I might see you. I guess he was talking about the Rug & Yarn Hut. CommunKNITy is great. Very big with a lot of open space and a lot of yran and pretty decent prices. I like their "living room" area, where you can sit and knit for a while. I also checked out Yarn Dos in LG yesterday. I'm happy to have a store so close. It's a bit small and right now they seem to have mostly novelty yarns, but they were stocking the shelves while I was there. They also had a great book selection.

~ Christina

Hi - I am unable to download your charts for the Must Have Cardigan - need in larger size - please please please?

thanks in advance,
FL Carol

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