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Monday, February 14, 2005


I had a good time too--I didn't go too crazy in the market. I got some cool Fiesta Yarns (the La Boheme was a steal). Thanks for the comments on your instructors. as for classes, I liked nancie wiseman and margaret fisher. I had susie hodges for socks. It was okay, not great. I'm already looking forward to next year! I put a ton of photos on my blog, come on over sometime!

How funny, did you read my Stitches wrap-up? I noticed the same thing about the ugly sweaters! Weird! :) And I agree, ponchos and wraps and shawls abound. I've never made a poncho for myself but I'm thinking of trying one of the little "ponchette" styles. Hopefully you still wear your Charlotte poncho though--that one is too fab to not wear!

Looks like you came away with a good and very classic collection. Good for you! Loved reading your report on the goings on at Stitches. Your Must-Have is shaping up nicely, too. I just love the colorway - and the cables are showing up great despite the darkness. (Where did you get your pattern, by the way?)

Sounds like you had a great time at Stitches. I always enjoy reading about everyones take on it. You scored some good stuff at the market! Your Must Have is looking great!

I wented to Stitches in Atlantic City. I am sorry that I did not buy more yarn. I found this great yarn, sould by the pound. I had no idea had beautiful and reasonable it was. I made a great poncho. I tried to locate the company on the internet- not successful.
I was able to bet similar yarn at Seaport Yarn, in NY. It was fine to work with, but not as cheap as at Stitches.

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