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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


you so called it with the Aran Knitting. i saw the book and thought "damn, another blogger who has it!". but yes i agree...libraries are wonderful :)

I checked that Aran book out at one time too - had to extend the borrowing the maximum times! good start there - hope to see your yarn choices.

I also find knitting books at the Public Library. I have come across some good patterns. The good thing is that if I don't find anything I like in the book I just return it. If I purchase the book I am the owner of it, now and forever!

That Knitting In The Old Way book is one of my favorites. Our library used to have it (I think I borrowed it four or five different times when searching for inspiration), but it has disappeared from the shelf & the catalogue. I looked this afternoon to see if it was available through Interlibrary loan, but the two libraries in the area that have it have placed it in the reference section so it isn't available.


Cool, a sweater for the boy. I've had one on the needles for my hubby for, um, 9 months. No progress since like August. I'm not a very nice wifey.

Hey, if you need to come drool on that Alice Starmore Aran Knitting.. you can come to my house! I found it last fall at Bookbuyers in Mt View. Am I lucky or what??

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