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Monday, January 24, 2005


Dude, that oven is a sorry companion to your Bosch dishwasher. I have heard about those dishwashers. You are livin' the high life now!!

Love the dishwasher, but the stove is a bit scary. Those colors where the color scheme for my entire kitchen when I moved in.

I know how you feel about a great dishwasher though. I adore my new one, and love to "challenge" it to see what it will clean. It hasn't let me down yet.

The day we got our Bosch dishwasher changed my life baby! We have a small house, so before, if the dishwasher was running, you couldn't have the TV or music on, let alone hear a conversation. But now we can run, and don't notice. I love mine--except for the damn repair we had to do! But that's the way it goes. :) Good choice.

I can *NOT* believe that stove. Who even HAS that many component stoves to make such a Franken-stove from???

But that is the cool thing about going from ancient appliances to brand new modern ones... it turns out that in 20 years of engineering and design, *shock!*, they've actually made noticeable improvements!

When we went from a 1984 Toyota Tercel to a 1999 Subaru Outback, we were amazed every day by the fine new amenities your modern car has. Air conditioning that works! Doors that don't feel light as tinfoil! Same with the fridge.. 1970s vintage fridge right up to a 2000 model. Talk about quiet!

Shiny Bosch will need company to feel at home in the kitchen.. I can only suggest MORE APPLIANCES!

Nice dishwasher! I love the brushed metal look. Very cool. And think how fun it will be to shop for the new stove.

~ Christina

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